FlightScope golf lessons help golfers improve their impact awareness by providing precise in­formation to improve their game. This state-of-the-art technology provides golfers with detailed information on their golf swing and the flight of the golf ball after impact. FlightScope uses Dop­pler Radar to record 3D data on club path, face angle and angle of attack. It also records data on golf ball flight, measuring distance and trajectory of shots.

We have invested in the Flightscope Launch Monitor as an additional teaching and learning tool because so many of my students come to me to improve three areas. They want more distance, better direction and/or more solid contact. Flightscope allows me to quantify these areas and show the student the degree of improvement that a particular swing change has created.

Instead of exaggerating a technique to move in a different direction, Flightscope allows us to get the student right where they need to be. This way a student can experience a perfect correction rather than an exaggeration. It has been said that video gets you in the ball park but using a launch monitor gets you in the right seat in the ballpark.

“Golf is what the ball does, which is totally dependent upon what the club is doing at impact”
— (John Jacobs, 2001)